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What if we …

Allow the Cathedral ‘to take its proper role in the city, using and enhancing the elements of earlier urban design interventions, particularly the work of the Wide Streets Commissioners, to best effect. Essentially the Cathedral is seen as a powerful urban composition which needs a framework of ‘ordinary’ buildings and streetlines to support it. Christchurch Place lacks closure on all sides and is particularly affected by the loss of buildings at the East end and the curving sweep directly opposite it.’I

Some ideas for enhancing the walking experience

  • Widen the pavements
  • Make crossing the street easier
  • Introduce large city sculptures at junctions
  • Plant new trees

And longer term … for restoring the space

  • Address the vacant site at Castle Street/Werburgh Street junction
  • Address the Peace Garden with projection to catch edge of sweep to High Street
  • Restore the streetline at Jury’s
  • Explore scope to take advantage of the level changes in the gardens of Christ Church to augment the visitor offer

Bring the stories to life …

  • St Michael’s Church, Synod Hall, Dublinia … original tower in situ … graphic panel in Dublinia; light up the Medieval Tower in Dublinia
  • Medieval Dublin … crossroad and centre …cross / symbol to identify significance
  • St Patrick’s staff …taken from Armagh to Ballyboghal to Christ Church; Black Book of Christ Church; burned by George Browne at High Street
  • 18th century radicalism and republicanism …Catholic country, United Irishmen, Robert Emmet, French & American links … 1798, 1803 etc
  • Marsh’s Library … plaque / ghosts
  • St Patrick’s Park…former slums
  • The Deanery
  • La Rochelle’ … Huguenots & Dutch Architecture
  • Art galleries … old Jewish & antiques quarter … lots of creative energy here … young community moving in … studies, craft, art
  • Gulliver sculptures
  • Fishamble Street …fish market, prostitution, vice, sin
  • Handel’s Messiah, first performance in Fishamble Street…Twin with Halle, Handel’s home town for International Music Festival, Handel’s Water Music – on the Liffey
  1. McCullough Mulvin Architects Ship Street / Werburgh Street Framework plan November 2005

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