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The Liberties

The Challenge

‘Thomas Street is the commercial heart of The Liberties; its most active and vibrant street, essential to its economic and cultural life. However the slow but continual decline of the street during the late 20th has left a fragile, and in parts, broken streetscape that remains to be resolved. In spite of this, the potential of the street and its environs is considerable, and this study seeks to illustrate the importance of this street to the wider experience of Dublin by citizens and visitors alike, and the scope to reinvent the thoroughfare through careful and considered attention and enlightened intervention.’I

The adoption of the Local Area Plan for The LibertiesII by Dublin City Council provides the planning framework for ‘an imaginative and ambitious vision’
of how this part of the City might develop.

2020 Vision for The LibertiesIII

‘The restored facades of historic buildings along with sensitive infill development have created an attractive backdrop to this bustling shopping street with its historic churches and lively cafes, bars and restaurants. The public realm has been restored and the character and feel of Thomas Street has been maintained, once again it can live up to its original name of ‘slige more’.

Cornmarket today: a major traffic junction

Thomas Street market today

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