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The Castle

The Challenge

Palace Street is the primary pedestrian entrance to Dublin Castle. For visitors to the Castle it presents a confusing scene that lacks any reassurance that they are indeed standing on the threshold of what is the most significant ceremonial complex in the State. While work is currently underway to restore the public realm of this spaceI in a way that befits its role as an important entrance to the Castle complex, Barnardo Square fails to capitalise on its superb location straddling the street frontage between the Castle and the City Hall.

It provides a wonderful opportunity to transform a space of potential into a place of interaction. It occupies a strategic location along the visitor journey providing a place of orientation and information, a place in which to meet and linger and a place of encounter and exchange.

  1. DCC Palace Street Public Realm Project
  2. Frenchman, D. and F. Rojas. “Zaragoza’s Digital Mile: Place-Making in a New Public Realm.” Places 18, 2 (2005): 16-25

‘Great public spaces also enable personal and public communications and exchange of goods, information, emotions and ideas—and therefore become imbued with meaning for the people who claim them, and for the cities in which they are located. Advanced communications and digital media are today providing new ways of achieving these traditional characteristics in an open-source way. Perhaps the most obvious example involves application to elements of spatial enclosure. Digital displays are now being incorporated into the facades of buildings—not as signs, but as integral aspects of architecture.’II

Barnardo Square today

Palace Street today

City Hall

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