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College Green

The Challenge

‘…its prominence today comes from its connection between the civic route from Parnell Square along O’Connell Street and the east-west route along Dame Street to Christchurch …I

The integrity of this space has been severely compromised. For visitors to the City it presents a scene of visual clutter – haphazard street furniture, all manner of signage, trees that obscure the view, bus queues in abundance and traffic that has to be carefully negotiated. While at street level it is devoid of any sense of coherence, when you lift your eyes, the disposition and stature of the imposing architecture confirms the outstanding cultural significance of this location.

‘Without great public places, there would be no great cities… While people travel thousands of miles to experience such revered places as the Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Champs Elysee in Paris, Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Central Park in New York … others need only to walk down the street to find places they cherish. Indeed, great public spaces can be world-renowned, or they can be important because the people in a particular neighbourhood value them.’II

  1. Dublin City Council, Your City, Your Space Draft Dublin City Public Realm Strategy
  2. What is a Great Civic Space? Project for Public Places

1, 2, 3. Widen existing footpaths, and create zone for new trees, bike racks and seating.

Transform College Green from a traffic interchange to a city square.

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