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Some Guiding Principles

Working with people who understand this space, who are passionate about its future and who are committed to playing their part.

Planning for change in the physical, social and economic fabric of places is now increasingly seen as a cohesive process, which can only be achieved through the input and efforts of many people. From the outset we have sought to engage the understanding, expertise, experience and creativity of a broad range of participants drawn from many different spheres – heritage, culture, the arts, tourism, business, academia as well as those representing the interests of the locality. Through one to one conversations, small group discussions and participative workshops we have been able to harness the collective intelligence of very many people – people who care passionately about the future of this part of the City.

Building on all the good work that has been done – the existing strategies, plans, programmes and projects.

In coming to an understanding of the route we gathered, reviewed and assessed all manner of plans, reports and maps. We have been amazed by the sheer volume of work – strategies, plans, programmes and projects – that have been undertaken that have relevance for this route. We have quoted liberally from these source documents. We have also profiled recommendations from these reports which have particular relevance for this route and retain an on-going validity in terms of helping to realise the ambition of this project.

Being creative, yet realistic.

The Project provides a means of creating, characterising and coordinating the interventions needed to significantly enhance the experience for visitors along the route. It has also been developed as a means of influencing the stakeholders to contribute to a common ambition. It takes as its starting point a belief that it is possible, even in these constrained times, to apply creative solutions to the issues that present themselves along the route. In dispensing with any wishful thinking that this Project will solve all the ills of this part of the City, the recommendations are put forward on the basis that a few carefully considered strategic interventions now could act as the all important catalyst for the intervention of others who will take confidence in the collaborative approach that the Project’s enabling framework espouses.

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