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In Summary …

‘Dublin’s tourism industry relies largely on the city’s built heritage, with its unique character and identity as a city of neighbouring but distinct quarters’I

The Project has evolved from an idea and discussions initiated by a number of partners including the Dublin Civic Trust, Dublin City Council and Dublinia. Following a multi-stakeholder meeting convened by Fáilte Ireland in June 2010, the emerging concept – ‘the east west cultural alignment’II – became the focus for pursuing a shared agenda for enhancing the cultural experience of visitors to this part of the City. All the partners were concerned to explore how this journey from College Green to Kilmainham could provide a much deeper, more meaningful and memorable experience for all who travel along it.

The Project presents an enabling framework – a way to harness all that is special, appealing and interesting about this part of the City to provide a truly compelling experience not only for our visitors but also for those for whom this place is home and those for whom it is their daily place of work. It is premised on a belief that the heritage significance and contemporary relevance of the route can be understood as a series of stories, stories with all manner of sub-plots, drawn from the economic, industrial, political, cultural and social dimensions of the development of the City from the earliest times.

The emerging ideas, informed by conversations had with very many people and by precedent studies of other great cities, include opportunities for interpreting the route, urban design interventions to improve its navigation and place shaping recommendations to enhance its legibility, appearance and quality. The development of an overarching message for the unified identity of the route and all that it offers – the branding- is a key component of the overall enabling framework.

While this report focuses on the journey from College Green to Kilmainham the potential for the development of loops off this spine – diversions that will provide opportunities to explore certain locations in much greater depth – needs to be acknowledged. Nor does the journey stop at Kilmainham. Very many opportunities exist to link the attributes and assets north of the river into a coherent pattern of journeys that will bring the entire scope of what is on offer to the attention of visitors to the City and deliver a truly memorable experience.

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