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The Challenge

We spent a lot of time trying to determine what exactly we wanted to achieve in terms of developing a truly memorable experience for visitors along this route. We wanted to go beyond regarding this Project as just another addition to the suite of walking and touring products already an offer. We wanted to see was there a better way to harness all that is special, appealing and interesting about this part of the City and develop a truly engaging experience not only for visitors but also for those for whom this place is home and those for whom it is their daily place of work.

The concept, in essence, is to develop an experience, for walkers primarily, that is easy to negotiate, provides a sense of discovery and is truly rewarding. Too often we see visitors new to the City huddled beneath signs, buffeted by passers-by, struggling with unwieldy maps wondering which direction they should follow. While the new Wayfinding system introduced recently by Dublin City Council will help enormously, it is just one, albeit very important, component of making sure that people don’t get lost and can find the places they want to see.

This Project allows us to take wayfinding to a new level. It allows us to consider not only the hardware of the route – the physicality of the experience in terms of the streets, the crossings, the footpaths, the signposts, the traffic – but also the software of the route – the layers and layers of history, significance and meaning that give this route its sense of place. While it may be a history that is endlessly revised from our present positions we need to bear in mind that some histories are inevitably overlooked or ignored in favour of those stories that are easy to tell and, indeed, to sell. To interpret the layers of meaning overlaid on any place is a complex and challenging task but it is nevertheless a challenge which this Project seeks to embrace.

Improve the pedestrian experienceImprove the pedestrian experience.

Extend the new Wayfinding systemExtend the new Wayfinding system.

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