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This report is for all those who care passionately about Dublin – its buildings, its streets, its familiar spaces – its ordinary as well as its extraordinary features. It is for all those who care about the quality of the experience people get when they visit the City. Importantly it is for all those who communicate with people so that they enjoy, understand and value the provenance of this place, its communities, its associations and its contemporary relevance.

We in Fáilte Ireland have been working alongside Dublin City Council and the Office of Public Works to develop a coherent framework for enhancing the cultural experience of visitors to the City. The focus of this work, in the first instance, has been the route which runs from College Green to Kilmainham. This ancient highway contains a wealth of historic assets and contemporary attributes including three of the most visited attractions in Ireland. This Project is aimed at bringing all the cultural, business, community and public stakeholders together along the route to provide the visitor to Dublin with a unique proposition.

In light of our collective remit for maximising the economic potential of Dublin through tourism, looking after its cultural attributes and assets and promoting their significance to a range of audiences, we have taken a very considered approach to this Project. Working collaboratively with the consultant team we have been very keen to ensure that all those who needed to be involved were involved and that we took the process one step at a time. This report is the outcome of the work undertaken. It draws together the various strands of activity and presents a framework for how the experience for visitors to this part of the City can be made more interesting, engaging and enjoyable. It sets an agenda for how we, together with all those who care passionately about this place, can promote a collective vision for its future development and a shared responsibility for its future management.

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John Tierney, Dublin City Manager

Shaun Quinn, CEO, Fáilte Ireland

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