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The Journey


This journey aims to immerse the visitor in the story of the area. It aims to develop an appreciation and understanding of the unfamiliar as well as the familiar, the commonplace as well as the rare – to uncover and reveal the layers of history that have been fermenting for over a thousand years. Rather than seek simply to entertain or provide factual information, it aims to challenge the way in which the City- this City- is viewed. Crucially, the Project seeks to engage and benefit local people in its realisation – residents, business people and the custodians of the truly remarkable assets that grace this ancient route.

The journey follows the east-west alignment of the City, the ‘great highway’ or ‘royal esker trail’ that crossed the country from Dublin Bay to Galway Bay. It ran along what we know today as Dame Street, Cork Hill, Castle Street, High Street, Cornmarket, Thomas Street, James’s Street, Bow Lane West, Bow Bridge, Kilmainham Lane and Inchicore Road.

While the focus of this Project is the stretch which runs from College Green to Kilmainham, there are other important routes and loops which intersect this journey and provide an opportunity to explore adjoining neighbourhoods in more depth – St Augustine Street/Francis Street; Fishamble Street/Werburgh Street; St Michael’s Hill/Nicholas Street and Capel Street/Parliament Street. To help navigate and understand this journey we have broken it down into more manageable areas of consideration. While each area has a defining character that derives from its particular history and pattern of development over time, the boundaries of these areas are not hard and fast. Their role here is to provide us with a way to marshal and present our understanding of this part of the City and make recommendations for significantly enhancing the experience of this place for all.

These areas include possible interventions for consideration.

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