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The Project in Context

Great cities work as great destinations because they recognise the importance of working with and not against their cultural context – providing interest, memories and meaning for both citizens and visitors. Dublin doesn’t always work in this way and can sometimes leave people feeling somewhat disappointed with aspects of their experience. Although individual moments of sheer delight exist – an architectural icon, a stunning view, a well-designed space, a fabulous performance, an exciting event – what is lacking is the finely crafted whole. This manifests itself in a number of ways – a cluttered streetscape, incongruous street furniture, neglected buildings, seemingly abandoned left over spaces and the ever present passage of traffic.

It would be unfair to suggest that this situation is being allowed to prevail. Within the context of its responsibility for the governance of the city, Dublin City Council has produced a series of strategies and plans and has piloted a range of initiatives designed to improve the experience of the city for all its users. The dublinbike scheme and the wayfinding initiative are just two of the success stories that are making a palpable difference.

Working alongside strategic partners such as the Dublin Civic Trust, many other initiatives have been taken forward. Conservation plans, public art commissions, public realm enhancements, heritage promotion and restoration projects, archaeological explorations are all being quietly progressed. In shining a light on these initiatives and suggesting some new interventions, this Framework seeks to harness the energy of all those associated with this route and align the collective impact of their endeavours to create a visitor journey of exceptional appeal.

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